Meet Dr. Daniel Chiara

I am committed to providing the highest quality of dental care for each and every patient. I believe the best way to accomplish this is by listening to you about your needs, deciding with you what treatments will best meet those needs, and providing the most advanced dental care available.

I received my Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon, in 2003. After graduation, I moved to Tucson where I completed a one-year residency in advanced general dentistry. I have also received extensive training in implant dentistry at the prestigious implant preceptorship of the University of Texas Health Science Center’s School of Dentistry in San Antonio. In August of 2017 I completed an 18-month preceptorship in orthodontics with GP Orthodontics in Rockwall, TX.

Advancements in science and technology are changing how we practice dentistry; treatments are becoming much less invasive and the materials we use are much more efficient and better suited to their purpose. To keep up with those advancements, I attend continuing education courses every year, including meetings with the Tucson Advanced Cosmetic and Restorative Study Club and the Pima Dental Study Club.

I live with my wife and three girls in Tucson, where we take advantage of the great weather by running, hiking, swimming, and skating. My wife and I ran the AZ Tough Mudder in Mesa in March 2015, and another in Seattle in September 2015. I have several hobbies, including landscape photography, metal working, smoking meat with my daughters Abby and Maggie (these videos are in Spanish), and solving Rubiks Cubes or speed cubing. See my instructional YouTube video on how to solve the cube and the video of the entire family joining in the fun! We’ve had several patients come in with their cubes; the tutorial is easy to follow and you can impress your friends and learn to solve the cube, too.

Thank you to my patients who have helped me put together equipment for my metal shop. I used them to produce my most recent sword making video; and for those who want to listen to it in Spanish, there’s a Spanish version as well.

To those of you that are looking for a new dentist, I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

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